Monday, January 12, 2015

Microsoft Improves The Security Features Of Windows 8

When Microsoft released Windows 8, the company was hoping that the operating system would be a huge hit. However, contrary to this, the operating system failed miserably due to the lack of many features, poor user interface and security concerns. Now, Microsoft has brought some changes to the security settings of the program and these changes are surely going to make the operating system more user-friendly. In this post, we will find out what all changes have been added to the operating system by the software giant.


The major function of ASLR is to protect the core of the operating system from different issues, like the dereference of the program being exposed to kernel mode NULL. With this, the cyber attackers will find it difficult to hack into the operating system. Keep in mind that this is one of the major access points for cyber attackers. With this gateway blocked, it is never easy for the attackers to get into your system.

Storage pile randomization

Malware programmers, who plan to attack your computer, will now find it difficult to carry out the attacks since the storage pile randomization will prevent all such kind of attacks. However, the operating system might use up your memory for the heap randomization process.

UEFI 2.3.1

The support for UEFI 2.3.1 will improve the security of the operating system to a big extent. Now, for this feature to function, the BIOS of the computer should support it. By this boot system, you can prevent malware attacks on the PC. This setup is going to stop all the malwares that are designed to run when the operating system loads. Keep in mind that many malware programs are executed when the OS boots.

As you all know, Microsoft operating systems are widely used around the world and run on more than 90 percent of computers. Due to the large number of users of these operating systems, they have become the prime target of hackers and other malicious programs. Now, if you experience any security issues with your Windows 8 computer, you may contact Omni Tech Support. It is the best online support company in the country, which employs the best technicians. 

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Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Best Features In Windows 8

Since most of Windows users are used to relying on third party tools for taking care of disc images and drive maintenance tasks, the software giant has been working on something far better and a new file system for many years. With Windows 8, they brought in the right amount of changes. You might have read many Omnitech support reviews, where various Omni Tech Support solutions for various technical features in Windows 8 are discussed. Here we will discuss some of the best Windows 8 features.

ISO Mounting

Though Windows has been behind other operating systems popularity wise, when it comes to advanced features to handle disc images, things have changed in Windows 8. It is hard to believe that Windows Vista users had to rely on third-party tools to burn an image to a disc, which is a basic feature in other operating systems. Things did change with Windows 7 wherein you will be able to write a disc image, but it cannot mount and read one. Ultimately, with Windows 8, this feature will change as Windows 8 provides a better option

Disk Cleanup

Another major update is the disk cleanup feature. The Disk Cleanup utility has been modified with options allowing you to sort files by size and type. This will definitely make it easier for reclaiming the disk space quickly by targeting temporary files and you will be able to spot the biggest space takers on your hard disk.

Workspaces that are now portable

The software maker has integrated a new feature known as Portable Workspaces in the latest Windows OS, which will allow you to create a portable image of your OS (there is a streamlined clone of your desktop available with the user settings and essential apps) on any USB drive having 16 GB of available space.

History Vault

This is another great feature of Windows 8. The previous versions saw a useful file-versioning feature known as Shadow Copy, relatively few end users ever knew such an amazing feature existed. Even now, Windows 7 remains obscure and mostly inaccessible for ordinary users. This is not the case with Windows 8. There is a history Vault feature (having timed, incremental backups of changed files.) It offers Shadow Copy the right way. This feature is nothing new since this feature has been present in certain other operating systems long back.

According to Omnitech support reviews, Windows 8 is a good upgrade option if you are currently using the Windows XP OS, or else you may wait for the official release of Windows 10.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

You Can Run Android On Your PC Now

Have you ever wondered if you can run Android on your personal computer? Some of the OmniTech guides from our OmniTech services help you understand how to work with these tools efficiently. Read on to know more about the same. It seems that one of the top searches done in Google is “How to run Android on PC”. This is a proof that people are expecting Android ecosystems to run on their PCs.

A startup company named BlueStacks based in California has made it possible to run Android on personal computers. The software was designed and developed by BlueStacks and the tool is also named the same. Once you install this software in the computer, your computer will work with the Android ecosystem. BlueStacks is also referred to as Android For Windows, and when installed in the PC, it would run a virtual environment.

BlueStacks is financially aided by CMD and Citrix. It is said that both companies have invested millions of dollars on BlueStacks. Citrix is one of the famous virtualization providers for different companies. AMD manufactures hardware. They provide chips for Intel. Apart from these companies, there are many more companies that are financially helping BlueStacks.

When you take up the total percentage of Windows users all over the world, it is evident that there are about 70 percent of them on this OS alone. All the companies who are a part of Android For Windows are aware of the potential Windows PCs they can aim for. Until now, BlueStacks is available for Windows Vista and Windows XP only. However, BlueStacks for Mac and Windows 7 computers are still in the development stage. They are yet to be released out officially.

Though the software is still in its beta stage, if you look into the number of users that have installed BlueStacks in their computers, laptops and many more to run certain Android applications, it is considerably large. There are more than 550 thousand users who have installed it in their computers. There is a good response for the software even in its beta stage, hence it is expected that there will many more users when the software will be available as a Pro version.

One of the best features of Android For Windows is that you will be able to run some of the apps and games in full screen mode. People who tried playing different games in full screen were very much impressed with the feature. Go through our OmniTech guides to know more on Android For Windows.

Monday, December 8, 2014

About Enabling Delegate Access Option In Microsoft Outlook 2010

After enabling the Send Email on your Behalf option in your Outlook setting, you can allow other users to access your Outlook features such as calendar, task manger and select Outlook folders in addition to letting them send emails on behalf of you. You can create rules and decide which of your Outlook features have to be accessed by delegated users.

According to Omni Tech support desk, Delegate Access option in Outlook is one of the best Outlook features for users who are temporary out of station or want to have others execute certain emailing tasks on behalf of them. When you enable Send Email on your behalf option in Outlook, you can decide whether to let the other user read all the email messages in the inbox or only the replies to the particular message. Work out the following steps to enable Delegate Access option in your Outlook application.

Remember, the instructions given below are meant for Outlook 2010. For instructions on how to enable Delegate Access option on a different Outlook version, contact our Outlook support desk.

  • Launch Outlook by double-clicking the Outlook desktop icon and navigate to the File menu. 
  • Choose the option that says Account Settings from the submenu. 
  • In the Account Settings dialogue box, select the option titled Delete Access. This will open a dialogue box labelled Delegate Access. Locate and select the Add button. 
  • Now, decide who you want to let access to your Outlook account and send emails on your behalf and enter that person’s name in the given field. You can search for the name and email address of the person from the search list close to the field. 
  • Once you have the name of the person, select it and then click Add followed by OK. 
  • Now, go to the box labelled Default Permissions and tick the checkbox before the link Automatically Send a message to Delegate summarizing these permissions. An email with details about the delegate permissions will be sent to the other user now. 
Following the above steps will help you enable Delete Access in your Outlook account and allow a select person to send emails on your behalf in your absence. For any further queries, get in touch with our Omni Tech support desk.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Why Is It Essential To Call OmniTech Support Services?

Whenever you encounter any error message in your system, it is always recommended to contact a technician, especially if you don’t know much about computers. But while doing so, one needs to ensure that he is contacting a genuine tech support team like OmniTech support. This is because OmniTech support services provide several useful support guides to the users, which helps in troubleshooting and fixing the issues in the systems in quick time.

There are countless number of tech support services available nowadays that claim to provide the best assistance in fixing all hardware and software issues. However, not all these tech support companies are genuine and some of them actually work as a part of scams. Such fraudsters lure the customers to accept their service by promising the best service. However, these tech support personnel usually warn the customers about a non-existent malware issue in their system. Hence, most of the users end up paying hundreds of dollars to these fraudsters to fix something, which in reality may not even exist.

However, if you contact a professional tech support team such as OmniTech support, the technician provides you with all the necessary instructions required to fix the hardware/software issues. Most importantly, there’s the remote assistance feature that enables the technician at OmniTech support to help you fix your system in quick time. There’s also a 24x7 online chat support service available, which makes it easier for the users to contact the tech support personnel anytime they desire.

As mentioned earlier, the support guides offered by OmniTech support technicians help the users to understand the core reason of the issue. With the remote assistance feature, the users are able to view all the troubleshooting steps and this helps them to fix the same problem in the future as well, without depending on the technician. Also, the OmniTech support technicians charge the users with affordable prices and even offer them some additional useful services.

One needs to ensure the fact that he is not searching the Internet for tech support numbers whenever he encounters an error in the system. This is because there may be countless number of tech support services available but as mentioned above, these may not be genuine.

So, the next time you face any issues in your system related to the hardware or software, make sure to contact the OmniTech support team by dialing the correct OmniTech support number.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Setting Up IMAP For Outlook 2007

Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) is a commonly used email service, employed by many webmail services like Gmail. Having an IMAP account lets you filter the email through an email management client. The latter comprises Outlook 2007 and similar applications, which let you handle and manage your email account from a single place, and without ever opening a browser for it. One benefit of using Outlook 2007 is that your email messages can be sorted and moved into separate folders, automatically depending on set criteria, or manually.

Setting up IMAP for Outlook 2007

  • Get the relevant server information from your provider. The required details include the name of the Outgoing and Incoming email servers as well as the port number for them. Also, you will need the authentication settings for the account to be configured.
  • Open the Outlook 2007 program. Go to Tools in the main menu, and select the Account Settings option under this.
  • Click on the Microsoft Exchange, POP3, IMAP or HTTP option, and then hit the Next button.
  • Check the box next to the Manually configure server settings or addition server types option to enable it. Hit the Next button. Select the Internet E-mail radio button and then hit Next again.
  • Enter your account information, including the name, email address, and the incoming and outgoing email server addresses. In the next window, enter your login credentials – the user name and password. Go to the Account Type box and choose the IMAP option. Select the Remember password option.
  • Hit the More Settings option. Maybe your IMAP account will not be set up right away, in which case, you need to recheck the server information provided under the Outgoing Server and Advanced tabs. The port numbers and the authorization settings are given there, and if any of these details is given wrongly, Outlook cannot connect to your webmail account.
If you have a problem with setting up IMAP email on Outlook 2007, or with recovering lost data on Outlook, the best thing to do is call up OmniTech support. There is no troubleshooting or testing Omni Tech Support cannot perform for you; your PC issue will be resolved in minimal time.

If you are planning on testing Omni Tech Support, do it before the issue gets more complicated. Call out tech support hotline, and get the best software support you have seen yet.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Chinese Government Decides Not To Upgrade Government PCs To Windows 8

In a move that could annoy Microsoft a lot, the Chinese government has decided not to use the latest operating system from Microsoft, Windows 8, on government PCs. The official announcement says that government computers including, laptops and tablet computers should not use one of the most hyped operating systems from Microsoft. The ban was imposed by the Chinese government’s Procurement Center and the statement included measures to use more energy saving devices.

Now, it surprised many experts as Windows 8 is considered to be a highly energy efficient operating system. There was no explanation by the state run news agency on how the ban was related to energy efficiency. However, the news agency told that it was to "ensure computer security after the shutdown of Windows XP".

The new decision by the Chinese government is going to embarrass Microsoft. The Chinese market has always been a place of trouble for Microsoft. Even though China is one of the world’s largest PC markets, the company does not get much revenue from the sale of operating system licenses. This owes to the widespread piracy in the country. Majority of the computers in the country run on pirated Windows operating systems. The CEO of Microsoft during 2011, Steve Ballmer had confirmed this earlier. He told that the firm gets more revenue from Netherlands than it got from China.

Microsoft ended the support for Windows XP this April. The company was hoping for big sales of its newer operating systems like Windows 8 after the end of support date. However, things were not going good for the software giant, as fewer people were interested in making an upgrade to this operating system.

China has been one of the biggest users of Windows XP operating systems. According to the reports form Netmarketshare, about 37 percent of PCs in China still run on Windows XP. Keep in mind that the overall average of Windows XP PCs around the world is only around 20 percent.

We are not yet clear about the Chinese government’s plans on the operating systems. One thing is clear; the government cannot run an operating system that no longer receives security updates on their PCs. It is also possible that the government will consider working with the local developers to provide support for Windows XP.

Now, if you are still running Windows XP operating system, upgrade to any of the new operating systems. You may seek the service of tech support firms. You may choose authentic OmniTech support for this purpose. After testing OmniTech support, majority of the customers were happy with the service. You may also avail their service after testing OmniTech Support.